The Princess Royal Trust  – A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a friend, neighbour

or relative who could not manage otherwise because of frailty, illness or disability.  If you want to find out more information, please visit the website via the hyperlink or by clicking on the logo.
You can also obtain more information by contacting the Medway Carers Centre, which is the local office for the support for Carers by The Princess Royal Trust.  Help for CarersWant to find out more?  Please click here Registered Charity: 1104884

Do you help look after a brother or sister?

Lots of young people help their parents to look after younger brothers or sisters by helping out at mealtimes or bath times or by playing with them. But if your brother or sister has a serious illness or a disability, you might find that you have to.  Want to find out more? Please Click Here

Teenagers and young people in the UK who have an impairment or disability and
are wondering what opportunities and services there should be when they leave school.
Parents, carers and professional workers will probably want to use it too!

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At Kids we help disabled children to get the most out of life. We work closely with parents and carers to give


children and young people all the support they need today to fulfil their hopes and dreams tomorrow.

We want to transform attitudes so that all children have the chance to be included in the play and learning of everyday life. We want fantastic facilities that help children grow in confidence and ability.  Want to find out more…. Please click here

First News delivers all the important stories in an easy and digestible format, in a voice aimed at inquisitive children

the very children who in turn will grow up to be the country�s great communicators.  Want to find out more?  Please Click Here

DisabledGo – Freedom and choice for millions of people.

Launched to mark the European Year of Disabled People, DisabledGo is an ambitious Internet service which will transform the daily choices available to millions of disabled people, their families and friends. Founded by wheelchair user Gregory Burke and supported by Marks & Spencer and leading local authorities, this innovative service is opening up towns and cities across the UK.  Want to find out more?  Please Click Here

The Special Educational Needs Tribunal was set up by the Education Act 1993. It considers parents’ appeals


against the decisions of Local Education Authorities (LEAs) about children’s special educational needs if parents cannot reach agreement with the LEA. The Tribunal is independent. The Lord Chancellor appoints the President and the chairmen, and the Secretary of State for Education and Skills appoints the members. But the Government cannot influence the tribunal’s decision, and the tribunal has no connection with any LEA.  Want to find out more?  Please Click Here

THINK! is about saving lives. We campaign all year round to get people to think more about road safety, whether you walk


, drive or ride.

As part of the Government’s strategy, our aim is to cut the number of deaths and serious injuries from road accidents by 40% by 2010.

A detailed overview of the UK Government’s approach to THINK! road safety publicity can be found here.   Want to find out more?  Please Click Here

Brake is a national road safety charity (registration number 1093244) with two aims:

To prevent death and injury on the roads through education of all road users and campaigning for Government improvements to road safety.
To care for people who are bereaved or affected by serious injury in a road crash through support services, including a helpline and literature distributed through police officers.
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Changing Britain for goodWe will only get things right for everyone if we think about disabled people. For a long time we have treated disability as something that does not affect many people.  The truth is that disability affects everyone in Britain. We won�t be able to achieve the things we want to achieve as a country unless we deal with the difficulties disabled people face. For example, the government wants to get as many people as possible into jobs. It can�t do this without getting lots more disabled people into jobs. The government wants to end child poverty. The majority of families living in poverty include a parent who is disabled.  Want to find out more?  Please Click Here

Care Appointments is the essential online resource for everyone involved in the caring professions. Register

with us now and you’ll have access to to the best jobs and opportunities, courses, training, advice, news, features and interviews as well as profiles on the best places to live and work.
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The fundamental objective of this pioneering site is to empower people with the information they will need to make truly informed choices � to give them continuing control in their lives, or the lives of their loved ones.
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Carers Week
Aims of Carers Week are:

� promote improved practices and services for carers.
� identify and offer support to hidden carers in black and ethnic minority communities, and in other groups.
� recognise and support the contribution that carers make to their families, and to their communities. Email:  Web:


Carers in Hertfordshire was set up in 1995.  We aim to provide quality services to all carers throughout Hertfordshire in accordance with our Equal Opportunities policy.  The organisation is governed by trustees, most of whom are carers themselves.  Want to find out more?  Please click here

Most of us juggle busy lives, but for carers, providing support for a relative, partner or friend, the pressures

can be enormous. More than six million people, including 175,000 young carers under the age of 18, give
their time in this way – that’s one in eight people in the UK.   Want to find out more…..  Please Click Here

Welcome to Mobility Showroom We sell electric mobility scooters, power chairs, self propelling

and transit wheelchairs to help make your life more independent.  Want to find out more?
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Welcome to the Age and Disability Action site – Enabling older and disabled customers to make the most of today’s communication

services.  Find out more by clicking here

Our main aim is to help older people on low incomes to live independently with dignity and peace of mind.


We cannot assist everyone so priority is given to those who have helped others.  Click here to read about some of the people we help.



Help the Aged is an international charity fighting to free disadvantaged older people from poverty, isolation and neglect.   Want to find out more?   Please click here

The Insolvency Service operates under a statutory framework � mainly the Insolvency Acts 1986 and 2000

, the Company Directors Disqualifications Act 1986 and the Employment Rights Act 1996.  Want to find out more?  Click Here

Special Abilities started as a voluntary organisation in April 1999 led by Gillian Archibald with the help and support of friends and family

.  Want to find out more?  Click Here or see

backache therapy
alcohol services
murray foundation

Carers UK is a membership organisation of carers that campaigns to improve services and support for carers.  National Carers Logo (8KB)Also operates Carers-Line; an information and advice line for all carers – Free-phone – 0800 808 7777 or Tel: 020 7490 8818.
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Directgov brings together the widest range of public service information and services online. Directgov Logo (2KB)
Produced by the Central Office of Information, Directgov provides information from across UK Government departments on topics ranging from travel safety and parental leave to special educational needs and local NHS services.  Want to find out more?  Please Click Here
Government information for CarersThis web-site is part of making good the Government’s commitment in Carers Logo (7KB)Caring about Carers to ensure that Government Departments provide on the Internet details of the services or benefits affecting carers.
We will provide facts and figuresand definitions about Carers, who provide the vast bulk of care in the community. We provide all the facts as well as linksto related web-sites. We hope that this site will be useful to carers, to carers’ workers and voluntary organisations and others.
CISS (Carers Bromley) –  is an independent charity for carers of all ages in the London Borough of Bromley. We provide advice, information and emotional support for carers. We can also help people to take a break from their caring role.  Our Young Carers Project provides specialist support for children of 18 and under whose lives are affected by a family member�s long-term illness or disability.  Want to find out more?   Please click here
This is the new Unicode version of the Multikulti website. You’ll find that our translated documents are now displayed as text instead of the old PDF format. This brings many advantages – you can search the site in different languages, documents are easier to access, and the change means Multikulti complies with accessibility standards. Want to to find out more?  Please click here
The Department for Work and Pensions is here to promote opportunity and independence for all through modern, customer-focused services.  We help people to achieve their potential through employment, so that they are able to provide for their children and to work and save for secure retirement.   Read on….
The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) is the Army�s national charity. For over sixty years the charity has worked tirelessly to provide financial and practical support to soldiers, former soldiers and their families in times of need.
Computer Centre for People with Disabilities – It supports the needs of disabled students within the University of Westminster as well as being a major provider of ‘Needs Assessments’ and specialist IT training for all UK students pursuing claims under the Disabled Student Allowance (D.S.A).
Find your entitlement to Benefits and Tax Credits
Entitledto has unique experience in helping people find out about entitlements online. Since 2000 we have provided a free web-based calculator to help people work out their entitlement to benefits and tax credits. Entitledto has been Sunday Times website of the week and was featured on BBC Radio 4’s Moneybox programme. We are one of the few internet information services to have been awarded the Community Legal Service quality mark for websites.  Want to find out more?  Please click here
The Carers Christian Fellowship aims to offer a link and support for Christians who are caring in some way for a relative, friend or neighbour. Carers are people who provide help to those who need some support due to disability, illness or old age, whether it is for a few hours a week or 24 hours a day.

Holiday Care is a national charity based at Croydon in south London and has been established for 22 years. We are supported by the UK�s national tourist boards, the travel industry and a number of well-known corporates, trusts and voluntary sector organisations.
Our Mission

Holiday Care believes that everyone needs the opportunity to get away at least once a year with family and friends. We aim to give disabled and older people the chance to do that.  We do not provide funding for holidays, though we know a number of organisations who do; nor do we organise holidays. Rather our mission is to help disabled and older people lead independent lives by enhancing their ability to travel. This we do by providing information about transport, accommodation, visitor attractions, activity holidays and respite care establishments, both in the UK and overseas, which enables people with all kinds of disability to holiday where possible in a mainstream environment.

Tourism for All UK is a national registered charity which provides:-
Information to people with disabilities and older people in relation to accessible accommodation and other tourism services.  Providing expertise and support to the tourism and hospitality sector to provide accessible services for all.  A network for organisations and individuals who wish to support our objectives.  Want to find out more?  Please click here
Your enquiry will be answered by a team of sensitive and knowledgeable staff. They recognise that sensitivities and anxieties connected with pre-existing medical conditions should be understood and respected at all times. We believe this facilitates a personal and friendly service between you and our team.  Want to find out more…
Please click here
Telephone: 0870 774 3760  Fax: 01223 720277 Please click here to email us
Vitalise (formerly Winged Fellowship Trust) is a national disability charity providing breaks for disabled adults, children and their carers at five accessible UK Centres in Cornwall, Nottingham, Southport, Essex and Southampton. We also provide holidays for visually impaired people.  Our vision is to live in a society, in which choice and opportunity is available to all.   Our mission is to enable disabled and visually impaired people to exercise choice, provide vital breaks for carers and inspirational opportunities for volunteers.

Internet Advice

Five million people seek help from Citizens Advice Bureaux every year. The CAB helps solve problems which are central to people’s lives, including debt and consumer issues, benefits, housing, legal matters, employment, and immigration. Advisers can help fill out forms, write letters, negotiate with creditors and represent clients at court or tribunal.

Adviceguide gives basic advice and information on your rights. It gives you a broad outline of where you stand and what you can do. If your problem is complicated, you will need more detailed advice, for example from a Citizens Advice Bureau.


Ricky Buchanan is the founder of No Pity Shirts, and the designer/creator of virtually all of the shirt Click here to go to No Pity Teashirts (3KB)slogans and designs on this website (exceptions are always noted on the shirt pages).
Having recently turned thirty, Ricky claims each decade of her life has been better than the previous one and that she plans to keep it that way. She says she has “big plants for my thirties, and no disabilities are going to be able to stop me.” ……Want to find out more?   Please click here…    Terrific tea-shirts …. worth checking out…
Equilibrium is a unique award winning user-led self-injury awareness organisation.  Equilibrium is Equilibrum Logo (3KB)designed to help educate and support people who self harm and their family and friends. This the first project of it’s kind, once completed, the site will have a support board, user orientated galleries (photos and artwork), personal literature, coping mechanisms, directory of organisations/websites, alternative therapies, grounding tips, first aid support, explanations of various forms of self injury, self diagnosis charts, video/audio diaries, and even the possibility of online counselling and/or therapy.   Wan to find out more?  Please click here
AMEND Logo (6KB)The Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders ( AMEND) is a patient support group and UK registered charity (no. 1099796) that was set up in 2002 by Liz Dent and her daughter Emily Fazal who both have MEN1 following a meeting with the Canadian MEN Society. Liz and Emily were concerned that, being diagnosed with a rare condition, there was little information to be found regarding best treatment, and even fewer fellow patients with whom to be in contact to share experiences � a process that so many people find helpful.  Want to find out more?  Please click here
The Big Tree is a way in to the internet about important things for people with a learning disability.
It is like a very big library or place to find information. You can also find other people who are interested in the same things as you.  The aim is to make it easy for people with a learning disability to use.
We have called it The Big Tree because it’s going to grow like a tree.   Want to find out more?  Please click here
Special People was formed in 1998 by a teacher who has a child with special needs, in response to the difficulties she experienced in finding appropriate, high quality childcare.

Special People works exclusively with children and young adults with a wide variety of special needs. We have staff experienced in working with children who have nursing needs, who present challenging behaviours, who require specific input such as physiotherapy or speech and language therapy or who are merely in need of stimulation.

Special People believes that children and adults with and without disabilities should enjoy an equal place in an inclusive environment. We believe that everyone should be enabled to interact, drawing strength from each others� differences and similarities. We believe that the users of education, social and health services need to be given every opportunity to communicate to ensure their participation in decision-making.

Special People is registered with the Commission for Social Care Inspection.  Want to find out more?  Please click here

BRAINHE Logo (20KB)The term neurodiversity encompasses types of brain currently associated with ‘specific learning difficulties’ (UK) and ‘learning disabilities’ (USA): dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. It also includes Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, ADHD, ADD and Tourette’s.
Please click here to find out more.
Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities is an independent charity that promotes opportunities for Skill Logo (2KB)people with any kind of disability in learning and employment. Since 1974 we have been helping young people and adults over 16 years of age with any kind of disability including physical and sensory disabilities, learning and mental health difficulties throughout the UK. Skill believes that for many disabled people education is the key to leading a fulfilling and independent life.   What does Skill do?   Want to find out more?  Please click here
The Independent Living Funds (ILF) are two funds set up and financed by UK central government. TheILF Logo (3KB) Independent Living (Extension) Fund is closed to new applications, and administers the payments to clients of the original ILF (prior to April 1993).  Want to find out more?  Please click here

NCIL Logo (2KB)NCIL is the national organisation providing information, training, expertise and policy development on all aspects of
direct payments and independent living.  Our aim is to enable disabled people to have self determination, choice and control, equal access to economic, social and cultural life.  Want to find out more?  Please click here

Chatability is a secure internet chat room and forum for disabled children and young people under the age of 18. It is a place where you can make friends online chat to them about whatever is on your mind, be it football or fashion, homework or home help, whatever you chat about is up to you!   Read on… Chatability Logo (4KB)Chatability Logo (1KB)
Speech-Language Pathologists are continually looking for new activities. SpeechTX Logo (28KB)This site has a variety of printable activities and ideas for different ages, all FREE! Help yourself and share with your colleagues. Parents are also encouraged to enjoy the activities.  Want to find out more?
Please click here

 Glitter Maker is a first of it’s kind! Using our dynamic glitter graphics maker, you can now personalize animated glittery teGlittermaker Logo (6KB)xt for your website, your My Space profile, or even your message board signatures! Glitter Maker’s free glitter graphics are usable anywhere HTML can be used, and everywhere images can be displayed. Best of all, it’s free! So go ahead, and take advantage of what Glitter Maker has to offer. Enjoy!   Click here for funLeigh Vision Impaired Self Help Group ARE YOU A VIP? (Vision Impaired Person)?  Then Click Here.Vision Vip Logo (4KB)
We are a self-help group of blind and Vision Impaired people in the Leigh area; we are located in the centre of Leigh and serve Leigh and the surrounding districts.
The group was started in May 2002, when it was realised there was a need for a social club for blind and Vision Impaired people in the local area. We have 24 members and would warmly welcome any new members.
Meetings are relaxed and friendly, they are held in the Conservative Club Railway Road Leigh, on the 2nd 3rd & 4th Tuesdays of each month from 2.00 – 4.00pm.

Building bridges between disabled parents and professionals

Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international (DPPi) is a small UK based registered charity, controlled by disabled parents, which promotes better awareness and support for disabled people considering, during and after pregnancy and as parents.

Disability, Pregnancy
Parenthood International



edway Council is a unitary authority, providing all local government services for a quarter of a million people.Medway Council Serving You (3KB)

It looks after education, environment, social care, housing, planning, business and much more – everything from frontline services such as rubbish collection to work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that services in Medway run smoothly and cost effectively. Medway is also home to the Dickens Festival and Summer Concert Series in the grounds of Rochester Castle.

The council works in partnership with private, public and voluntary sectors to serve the people of Medway. It provides information to the public through its main offices, the council newspaper Medway Matters and this website.   Want to find out more?    Please click here

Welcome to the Medway NHS Trust
The Medway NHS Trust is one of four hospital trusts in Kent and Medway. Employing over 3,300 staff, its main focusThe Medway NHS Your Choice (8KB) is to run the hospital in Gillingham.
Opened by King Edward VII in July 1905 and giving faithful service to the Navy for many years before moving to serve all local people as part of the NHS, Medway Maritime Hospital now offers the people of Medway and Swale some of the best healthcare services in the UK.”The fact that so many new services are being developed is a tribute to the quality of care provided and the hard work of all our staff, volunteers and supporters.”   Andy Horne, Chief Executive            Want to find more?  Please click here
Here on the Kent and Medway National Health Service website, you can find out about local NHS services, Freedom of Information or discover how to stay healthy at home and when travelling abroad. If you have a query about a specific medical condition, our A-Z of health problems links to a wealth of local and national information. Our support group listings extend to topics as diverse as parenting, disabilities, abuse, carers, bereavement and mental well being.  You can also find out about how the NHS works in Kent and Medway, including information about all the individual trusts.  Want to find out more?
Please click here.



The Kent and Medway Strategic Health Authority is responsible for:

bullet Developing plans for improving local health services
bullet Making sure local health services are of a high quality and are performing well
bullet Increasing the capacity of local health services – so they can provide more services
bullet Making sure national priorities – for example, programmes for improving cancer services – are integrated into local health service plans.     Want to find out more…..  Please click here


Kent and Medway
Strategic Health Authority

You and Your Health

The Kent and Medway Health Informatics Service (KMHIS) is the one-stop-shop for Information Management
and Technology (IM&T) for the NHS across Kent and Medway.
It is managed by Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.The HIS exists to promote communication and develop information technology solutions to support NHS staff, patients and the general public. The aim is to modernise and increase efficiency in the NHS,
locally and nationally. It responds to local IT needs and priorities as efficiently as possible, utilising available resources.  Want to find out more?   Please click here


Kent and Medway Health Informatics Service (KMHIS)

CityArk is the web presence of the Medway Council Archives Service which is based at the Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre, Civic Centre, Strood, Kent, England. We preserve and make available for research the archives of the Medway area of Kent and also the parish records of north-west Kent. Our oldest records date from 604.  Would You like to find our more?  Please click here

Medway Council - City Ark (2KB)

Medway is the name given to a conurbation in the north of Kent, England. It was previously known as “The Medway Towns” as the region consists of five towns on the River Medway that have gradually merged together. Because of its strategic location by the major crossing of the River Medway by Watling Street it has made a wide and historically significant contribution to Kent, and to the United Kingdom.   Read on….

Information about
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Gillingham is a town in Kent, England, forming part of the Medway conurbation; it is a constituent of Medway unitary authority. The town includes the settlements of Brompton, Hempstead, Rainham, Rainham Mark, Twydall and Lidsing.
Gillingham means a homestead of Gylla’s family, from Old English ham (village, homestead) and ingas (family, followers), and was first recorded in 10th century as Gyllingeham.  Read on…

Information about
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About Medway, the community portal for Medway. The website is still in development and a number of enhancementsAbout Medway (3KB) are planned over the next few months. About Medway represents a partnership of local, regional and national organisations providing information services to the public and is part of the larger seamlessUK project enabling people to find the information they need from public sector organisations, including local government, voluntary and community groups together with information from government at all levels.   Read on?……………...
What is Kent Local Directory (Medway)? Kent Local Directory(5KB)
Kent Local is a huge source of information for your local town and neighbourhood. You can easily find local businesses, clubs and societies and entertainment and travel web sites as well as post a wide range of classifieds. If you want to publicise an event, or see what’s going on in your town, then use the events calendar and keep yourself and your neighbourhood up to date. It’s all free.  Want to find out more?  Please click here
Kent Association for the Blind (3KB)Medway Sight Centre
A range of services are available from KAB Rehabilitation team based at Medway. The team provides services throughout the Medway Council area and is operated in partnership with Medway Council.  Want to find out more?  Please click here
Kent & Medway Mental Health & Social Care PPI Forum
Each forum is made of up of volunteers in their local community who are enthusiastic about helping patients and members of the public influence the way that local healthcare is organised and delivered. Forum members come from a broad variety of backgrounds and have a range of experience and skills.
Click to see what this forum is doing.
Kent Health Protection Unit
The Health Protection Unit (HPU) provides specialist health protection advice as well as operational support on all health protection matters to NHS trusts, local authorities, community health services (including schools and social services), and the general public. The local authority and Primary Care Trust (PCT) areas served by the Unit are listed on our “areas served” page.   Want to find out more?   Please click here
Child and Adolescent Mental Health   TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT PROJECT
The Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) training and development project is a multi-agency training and development project for the Kent and Medway region, focusing on service providers working with children and young people in both the statutory and voluntary sectors.   Want to find out more?  Please click here
About us:
The Department of Health (DH) is a Department of State. That means we are a Government organisation, responsible for carrying out the decisions of our ministers who represent the public as democratically elected MPs.Our overall purpose is to help improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in England. We do this by leading and supporting NHS and social care organisations so they can provide fair, high quality services that offer real choice for patients, as well as best value for taxpayers.   Read on…..
Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust
Information and reports related to Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust.
Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust was formed on April 1st 2006, following the merger of East Kent NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust and West Kent NHS and Social Care Trust.
Kent & Medway:  Some Facts and Figures:
The Health and Social Care sector as a whole suffers from an image of poor pay and difficult working conditions that have made the recruitment and retention of staff a recurring problem throughout the UK, and Kent and Medway is no exception!
In Kent and Medway the Health & Social Care Sector accounts for approximately 10% of the economy and employs in the region of 61,800 people.   Read on…..
The Wisdom Hospice
The Hospice provides specialist, palliative care for individuals and their families facing the diagnosis of a life threatening disease. Based in Medway and Swale it aims to enhance the care provided for, and the quality of life experienced by, those involved. This is achieved through the delivery of direct care, provision of advice and support, and by acting as an educational resource regarding the speciality of palliative care.  Please visit their website for more information.

Shelter (2KB)Kent (North) Housing Aid Centre Your local Shelter office is:
Shelter Kent (North) Housing Aid Centre. 2 Ordnance Street, Chatham, Kent, ME4 6SL

How to contact
:  Drop-in and telephone ( unless otherwise indicated below )Telephone: 01634 811166  Fax: 01634 813729  Email:  Web:

Opening hours:  Monday: 10am-1pm ( tel / drop in ) Tuesday: 10am – 1pm ( tel ), 2 – 4:30pm ( drop-in )
: 10am – 1pm ( tel ),2 – 4:30pm ( drop-in ) Thursday: 2pm – 4.30pm ( tel )  – Friday: 10am -1pm ( tel / drop in )Welcome to The Medway Portal
We are working on a number of improvements to the site.
Members are free to contribute to the forums and submit appropriate web links.
Discussion Forums – Web Links – Medway Map – Photos – Search.  Want to find out more? Please click here

  View of Kent
medway & maritime kent

Medway – the historic capital of Maritime Kent – is situated midway between London and the Channel Ports. It’s an ideal short break destination offering a relaxing and enriching experience.
Whether you browse the speciality shops in Rochester’s Victorian High Street, take in majestic Rochester Cathedral, or visit The Historic Dockyard, Chatham – where over 400 years of naval history are brought vividly back to life – you’ll go away both informed and refreshed.
Want to find more….  Please click here ROCHESTER HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC
What is homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a safe and effective form of medicine that works by stimulating the body’s own healing power. It is not new. It is based on the principle of treating like with like, which was developed in 1796 by the German Doctor Samuel Hahnemann. Even before that, Hippocrates had considered that there were two ways of treating disease. The way of similar (homeopathy) and the way of opposites, on which our conventional or allopathic medicine is based.  Want to find out more?
Visit Christine Tsavellas’s website or ring her on 01634 404556   or   01622 661055

The Medway Dyslexia Association is a charity, founded in 1986 by John Sears.  We are affiliated to the BDA and support its mission:

To ensure that there is a way forward for every dyslexic person, so that he or she receives proper teaching, help and support, is given an equal opportunity to achieve his or her potential, and can lead a fulfilled and happy life. We aim to:

> Support individuals and families affected by dyslexia.
> Help professionals in health and education to assist those who have dyslexia.
> Raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia and promote social inclusion for dyslexics in
> Medway and Kent.
> Work in partnership with other organisation’s to provide a comprehensive service.
> Maintain high standards to ensure the best dyslexia support for the local community.  Want to find out more?  Please click here

About The Kent and Medway Learning Partnerships
The Kent and Medway Learning Partnerships are independent voluntary groups who respond at a local level to the ever changing needs of learners, communities and providers and articulate those needs to strategic partners including the local Learning and Skills Council (LSC).   Read on…..Mumsnet was set up in January 2000 by Justine Roberts, a football journalist and mother of twin girls and a son and Carrie Longton, a TV producer with a six year old daughter and a three year old son. We were joined in 2001 by Rachel Foster, formerly in radio production and mother of three. Read on….The Kent and Medway Safe Parenting Handbook has been produced by the Kent Child Protection Committee and the Medway Area Child Protection Committee in association with the Children�s Fund and the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership. It is a comprehensive and straightforward guide to a variety of topics which may present difficulties for parents and all who have an interest in the safe care of our children.  Want to find out more?   Please click hereThe Government Office for the South East works with organisations across the South East to deliver the Government�s policies and programmes in the region. The South East stretches from Kent and East Sussex in the east to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight in the south and south west and to West Berkshire in the west and Milton Keynes and Aylesbury Vale in the north.We aim to release the potential of the South East � so that it is the most prosperous region of the country, delivering a high quality of life and environment for everyone.   Want find out more?   Please click here