Choosing the right home improvements and tradesman for the elderly

It can be difficult for seniors to live at home comfortably, yet feel it is unnecessary to live in a retirement home. That’s why many choose to make home improvements and renovations to make their houses accommodated to their needs.

What home improvements can be made to accommodate the elderly living at home?

Slip-resistant flooring – Many pensioners have invested in getting slip-resistant flooring to prevent easily avoidable accidents that have the potential to be serious. As we age, we often find it hard to balance or develop conditions that make it hard to walk.

Wet rooms – Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular with elderly people as it gives them the ease to wash without having to worry about climbing in and out of the shower or bath.

Wet rooms can be customised to have all the necessary features they require, such as handles on walls to help keep their balance. Wet rooms also provide wheelchair access if they have mobility difficulties.  Most plumbers provide general wet room services and maintenance.

Widen doorways – Many senior homeowners have chosen to invest in renovating doorways to make them wider.

This is generally for those that use wheelchairs or other mobility devices, although having wider doorways does improve ease to get around the house for those that do not require a wheelchair or other apparatus to help them walk.

Finding the right tradesman

Elderly people are often abused when it comes to being scammed by tradesmen. This is because the often fall behind in areas of technology, and tradesmen use this to charge extra or do low quality work without their customers being able to complain.

67% of retired people have been scammed by rogue tradesmen in the last year.

Finding a reputable tradesperson can be hard, especially with so many to choose from. You should always look for companies that offer testimonials and galleries, that prove the work they have done is good quality and are reputable.

Another way you can find a reliable tradesperson is by using sites such as checkatrade, which offer information about trade companies that confirm they are certified, insured and reputable.

What assistance is available for seniors?

Many elderly people get live-in carers to come and help them with day to day tasks that the struggle doing themselves.

This includes making sure their dietary requirements are met, their medical needs are taken care of as well as simply keeping them company and offering peace of mind.