Medway Carers Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Please find answers to frequently asked questions below relating to Job Seekers and Advertisers.  Our team will constantly add to this page over time to help our users wherever possible.

If your questions are not answered, please feel free to use the contact page to ask any additional questions you may have.

Job Seeker Questions

Is Medway Carers an agency or recruitment company?

Medway Carers is neither an agency or recruitment company in our own right.  The jobs on our site are advertised by other companies and we actively promote those vacancies.  If you would like help finding work then please register your details, or feel free to search and apply for opportunities.

Why can’t I find your telephone number?

Medway Carers receives 1000’s of daily visitors and we removed our telephone number from the site due to the sheer volume of calls received regarding information about the jobs on our site.

All questions related to jobs or applications need to be directed to the advertisers and we have added a feature to ask questions directly below the description on job pages.  There are also links to company/advertiser information on every job page.

Any technical issues can be reported through our contact page and we prefer to handle these via email where possible to effectively manage the workload.

Who can I ask questions about jobs?

Jobs shown on our website are advertised by other companies and therefore we only have access to the same information as seen on job pages.

We recently launched an ‘Ask a Question’ feature found beneath job descriptions for this purpose, allowing users to direct questions to relevant advertisers about specific jobs.

Can you provide feedback for my applications?

Medway Carers is not involved with the recruitment process of our advertisers.  If you would like feedback regarding applications please feel free to contact advertisers directly.  Use the ‘Ask a Question’ feature on specific jobs or follow links to company information on job pages.

Why can’t I upload my CV?

If the website is not working properly it can be due to using an out of date browser (internet explorer, firefox etc).  This can be easily updated which also improves your browser speed and security when online.

Apple iPad and iPhone users note:
Apple mobile devices do not currently support document browsing due to their internal file systems.  We plan to develop an app in the near future to help with this.  Until then forward your CV to and our team can create an account on your behalf.

Advertiser Questions

Are you integrated with Multi-Posting tools?

Yes.  Now that Medway Carers is an established site we have integrated with Broadbean, Idibu, Logic Melon and JobMate.  Vacancy Poster is in process and due for completion at any time.

If you wish to add your jobs to Medway Carers please get in touch today.

Can we search your CV database?

Currently we do not allow access to search our CV database to maintain user trust and protect our job seekers.

As former recruiters we have felt that the CV searching process can be improved and are set to launch a next-generation solution to benefit all involved in the near future, so please watch this space!!!

Currently our team manage the database to market jobs as they are posted to the site and the system will soon do this automatically based on candidate search behaviour to ensure relevancy.

Why are there additional jobs in my account?

As a proactive service we try to help wherever possible.  We constantly manage all accounts to see what responses you are receiving and will often republish jobs in various guises to help attract more applicants.  For more information see our job posting advice page.

Why have some of my jobs details changed?

As part of our support service, some of your jobs may be optimised to help in searches.  We have a team dedicated to helping advertisers get the most from the site and there are many factors which can help to improve results.  Please see our job posting advice page for detailed information.

What are your advertsing costs?

If you are interested in advertising on our site please contact us to discuss your requirements.  We do not publish our pricing as our clients range from single care services through to international recruitment companies and our bespoke service is designed to cater for the needs of each client.

Please note:  We offer some of the most competitive advertiser rates with prices starting from only £25 per month and operate a strict ‘no pressure’ policy.  Contact us without obligation.