Caring support in Kent

Taking a Break when Caring

It is important that everybody takes a break from the demands of caring, whether it be for the odd hour in a day, the odd day each week or month, or maybe even for a holiday.  Being a family carer also means that you need to care for yourself, taking time out and giving yourself the opportunity to relax, meet friends, or perhaps tackle some jobs, that you cannot normally do.A break also makes it possible for you to carry on caring, otherwise ill health or exhaustion may mean that in time you simply will not be able to continue.  There can also be real benefits for the person you are caring for, such as social contact, new friends and new interests and activities.

There are also breaks available for those who wish to go as a couple or family with the cared for person.  We realise that some people would wish to do this.

The following information will hopefully provide you with some ideas on how to get a break, and also where to go to get help.  Your social services department may be able to help you, however, the demand on these services is high and you may not be able to get help immediately.

Day Care Centres

These are run by local authorities and voluntary organisations, providing an opportunity for adults to meet and take part in organised activities such as craftwork, games etc. Meals and transport are usually provided, and attendance at such a Centre by the cared for, gives the Carer  some time to themselves.  Centres in the Medway area include The Walter Brice Centre, Tel: 01634 253611, (an open referral system exists) or Robert Browning Day Hospital, Tel:01634 833812 (assessment of needs, and support and advice to the carer is also offered).

Cross Roads

Crossroads can help with regular planned care, or an occasional break.  Trained and reliable Care Attendants work through the day, evening, and in exceptional circumstances at night.  Crossroads is a registered charity, and the service is free, however donations are greatly appreciated.  The Care attendants offer practical support to �family carers� supporting them to care for a dependant living at home. For your local office and telephone number, see under Health Provision Section.

Winged Fellowship Trust

The Trust provides a flexible range of holiday choices for people with disabilities.  These range from short breaks to week-long stays, and age interests or budget is not a barrier.

For further details:-
Winged Fellowship Trust
Angel House,
20 – 32 Pentonville Road,
N1 9XD

There are many respite homes advertised on the internet, and staff at the Centre would be happy to provide any information about homes who currently advertise on the internet.  The Centre also has a large collection of brochures and information on respite care throughout the country.

The Princess Royal Trust

The Princess Royal Trust, along with other charitable organisations, can offer assistance in gaining grants.  Please contact the Manager at your Princess  Royal Trust, Medway Carers Centre for details.  Contact Information.

The Kiloran Trust

The  Kiloran Trust is a registered charity and has been established to provide residential supportive breaks to all those caring for others, who feel the need for a break away.  Carers can apply to Kiloran directly themselves, or through a Carer Centre, Social Worker or health organisation.
For further details telephone 0207 602 7404.

Carers Relief Service

Charity providing care assistants to look after adults with learning disabilities in order to give the carer a break.

Room 222
Main Office Block
Crest Complex
Courtney Road
Kent ME8 0RX
Tel: 01634 302654